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Scale your remote team without worrying about local employment laws.
Handle multi-currency payroll, provide benefits, comply with local taxes and employment laws.
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How does Carrom work?

Jon is the CEO of Acme Inc. He is located in New York. Jon hired Jane, a frontend developer from Berlin.
Jon used Carrom to provide Jane with a locally compliant work contract , benefits, and insurance stipulated by local employment laws.
At the end of the month, Jon easily pays salary to all his 46 employees across 21 different countries within minutes through Carrom. Jon is happy!
Jane's first day was a breeze. She received the welcome e-mail from Carrom, filled in a few information and was all set.
She uses the self-service portal to request the reimbursement for her new laptops. She receives all the benefits stipulated by German employment laws.

No more confusing invoicing and the shady tax filing she had to do as a contractor. Jane is at peace.
Onboard employees

Onboard your employees smoothly, wherever they are. Receive locally compliant work contracts. Provide benefits stipulated by local laws.

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Automate payroll

Pay your remote employees in over 23 countries in a few clicks. Automate monthly salary payment and payroll generation.

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Stay compliant

Stay compliant while scaling your remote team. Adhere to local employment rules. No more tax filing confusions and invoicing headaches.

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Stay compliant while scaling your remote teams.