FAQ on Carrom school

We want to bring as much transparency as possible to how Carrom school would work. Here are the answers to your common questions. If you have more questions, shoot us an email at support@carrom.io.


What happens during the course?

Initial few weeks would be focused on learning the basics of web technologies that you will be working with. In the following weeks, you will emulate how a remote team works. Attendees from a batch would be split into a team and develop a product based on specifications. You will communicate and collaborate like a remote team. Towards the tail end of the course, you will be given more mentorship and coaching on how to attend interviews. We will also try to give introductions to top remote teams. Just like a remote team, we have kept the curriculum flexible to suit your individual needs.

Am I eligible for this program?

If you have basic programming knowledge - be it as a freelancer or full-time employee, you are eligible for this irrespective of your degree or age.

What is the duration of the course?

The length of the course will be a minimum of 24 weeks and can extend up to your personal requirement - as we also do personal coaching for specific strength improvements.

Can the course be done part time, given I have a daily job ?

It doesn’t matter what you do outside of the course. We are believers of remote work, and the entire course would be remote. Our only requirement is that you need to show up for meetings with other team members, your mentors, and everything that require collaboration - these meetings would be scheduled based on everyone’s availability. We would also recommend you to have 30-40 hours a week to get the best out of the course. This means you can attend a day job while attending Carrom school.

Will there be any certifications?

No. We believe that certifications are meaningless, and what matters is your knowledge and exposure to the real world.

Will I be liable to pay if I get a raise at my current company?

No, you won’t be.

I have applied, what now?

Awesome! You will hear from us soon!

About paying for Carrom school

How and when do I pay?

You only pay for Carrom school, if you get an offer within 6 months of completing the course and your compensation is more than 12LPA. If any of that condition fails, we believe it is our failure, and the course would be free.

Who are our hiring partners?

We don’t have the concept of hiring partners. Our mentors and advisors include people from Gitlab, Angelist, Big Binary, Ycombinator alums, etc. We want to leverage the power of our ever-expanding network of remote teams to get you introductions and interviews. You are also encouraged to apply on your own to your dream companies, of course with our guidance in preparing a resume and attending interviews. Hustle hard, make the best out of carrom, and be good enough. This also comes with a bunch of other benefits. We don’t play a middle man role between you and the company. You get in entirety, what the company pays you - you also enjoy the benefits they provide. No hidden costs and conditions.

What is the role of Carrom - the product.

Carrom is payroll and compliance for remote teams. We help remote teams hire people around the world without worrying about local employment laws. You would be part of the legal entity of Carrom in India. This has nothing to do with your salary package. It is for the employer to make sure they are hiring legally compliant employees. Your salary and other benefits would be decided by your employer and we have zero role in that.

What if I quit program after x weeks? Do i still have to pay?

If you have a valid reason to quit, we understand - if you think the course is not worthy of your time(we will make sure it is) if you have health reasons or other personal reasons - it is totally fine to quit in first 4 weeks. The mentors and tutors take time out of their life to work for Carrom and we want to respect their time. Other than health reasons, if you are quitting after the first 4 weeks you will be charged a nominal amount to pay for the mentor’s time at their hourly rate.

Do I need a computer science degree? or a degree at all?

No. We don’t care about your credentials. The only thing we would like to see is how passionate are you about coding. But this would certainly be a plus, as there are a few companies who still consider this when hiring.

Income share agreement

How much does Carrom take?

Only if you salary is above 12LPA, we take 15% for the first 18 months. No hidden charges, nothing. If you are a fresher, the threshold will be 7.5 LPA. Everything else remains the same.

How does the income share agreement work?

You sign a legally binding contract with Carrom that fulfills the above conditions. Nothing hidden.

What happens If I don’t pay?

Seriously, would you do that?😭We trust you. In a worst-case scenario, if you violate the agreement, the course of action would be governed by the local laws.

Can I end the contract early?

Yes, you can. If you want to opt-out of the contract early, you can pay an amount that equates to your annual package of the first job after Carrom.

Do I have to work at the same company for 18 months ?

No, as we said - we don’t control who you work for. It is totally up to you. But the agreement would stand for 18 months, and you will have to keep paying what is suggested by the agreement.

What types of Jobs do I get after Carrom?

Software engineering jobs. Based on the track you choose, it can either be Front-end, Backend or full stack.

Is the program completely online?

Yes, it is completely remote. You’d need to free yourself for team meetings, pair programming sessions etc - wherever a collaboration is required. But these would be scheduled according to your availability.

Do you provide tutoring/live classes ?

No. Having to attend live classes would kill the flexibility and we don’t believe that is the best way of learning. You’d be provided with right amount of mentorship and we would tell you how to learn and what to learn.

I’m not looking for a job? Can I still join for mentorship?

The goal of the program is to find a better job, we recommend to join only if you are looking for the same.

Is there a trial period?

Yes, you can choose to opt out of the program in first 4 weeks if you feel that this is not for you(we’ll make sure that you don’t feel that way). After the first four weeks you’d share an agreement with us.

How is the income calculated? How is this verified?

We only take the specified percentage of the total cashable income - that is, if you monthly salary is 1000 INR, but you get cash in hand as 750 INR, we only take 15% of 750INR. As part of the Income Shared Agreement, you would be required to provide income tax returns and payslips if required.

How does income sharing work?

Once you get a job with compensation greater than 12LPA, you start paying 15% of your monthly in-hand salary to us, for next 18 months. If you are a fresher, the threshold is 7.5LPA. No hidden charges. That is if you get a job that pays you 1,00,000 INR in your hand every month, you will pay 15000 INR every month for 18 months.