Hire people from anywhere through Carrom

Following is a transparent break down on why we are working on Carrom, the how and the why.

Our vision

We want to accelerate the transition of tech companies to fully remote teams.



Equal talent is spread across the world, but equal opportunities are not. We want to enable remote teams to hire people from anywhere in the world without worrying about local employment laws.

What is wrong today?

Currently, remote team hires workforce as contractors. Most of the contractors are not provided with benefits and protection of local employment laws that they deserve. Although the term employee is thrown around when talking about tech companies, it means much more legally.

What do we do and how do we do it?

We currently have local partners in over 50 countries, to take care of payroll, local benefits, locally compliant work contract and much more. We are also setting up our own legal entities in several countries based on demands to bring down the cost. All the complexities of multi-currency payroll, taxes, and benefits are abstracted by a simple software. This is an incredibly complex mission and something that would take time to solve to perfection. But we believe in the future of remote teams, and we want to tackle this one step at a time. Equal opportunity for everyone, globally.

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