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Hire legally compliant, top remote talents.
A repository of the best engineering talents, personally vetted by our expert interview panel.
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Why use Carrom Board?

Get access to top engineering talent, personally vetted and assessed. Hire them, staying compliant to local employment laws. We provide the employer of record, payroll and other benefits using Carrom. We understand that there is no one size fits all interview method. That is why we let you decide. Access the repository of top talents, with attributes and notes left by our seasoned interviewers.

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Legally compliant hires

When you hire from Carrom, by default you are legally compliant. We provide payroll and employer of record, handle taxes and other benefits that are stipulated by local employment laws, to employees you hire from Carrom.

Vetted by expert panel

You are not getting just a list of people. We source top talents from India and our expert interview panel consisting of Gitlab engineers, Ycombinator alums, etc spend time interviewing them personally providing detailed notes and reviews.

We are on a mission to make the whole process transparent. If you have more questions, write to us at support@carrom.io. Like to partner with us? Talk to us!

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