Restart your tech career as a remote software developer
A flexible career accelerator with mentorship and tutoring for software engineers in India to restart your career as a remote developer. Don't pay until you get a well-paying job.
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Why Carrom School?

Bored with your underpaying office job in a corporate company? Restart your career as a remote software developer by attending Carrom school. We have carefully designed a flexible course that helps you improve your web development skills, communication, and collaboration, and help you find a remote job in a company with a great culture, good compensation, and benefits. Do not pay anything until you get a job.

More than coding

Learn more than just coding. Learn how to communicate and collaborate in a remote team. Learn the culture, and become a better person.

Top Mentorship

Live classes from tutors and mentorships from the best in the industry. Our mentors include Ycombinator alums and Gitlab engineers.

Do it all remote

Carrom school is completely remote. Work in teams to emulate how a remote team would work in the real world with asynchronous processes.

Our vision

Carrom's vision is to bring equal opportunity to the talents who are spread across the world. We believe that remote work is a tool to solve this inequality. We are starting from the 5.2 million software engineers in India and want to expand into other developing countries.

Our tech stack

Good engineers are not restricted by frameworks and technology. But we need to pick something to focus, build a meaningful product and make progress while at Carrom school.
Web development

Ruby on Rails
Basic devops