What is PEO(Professional Employer Organization)?

Think of a PEO as a company in itself, focused specifically on small business tasks like health insurance, payroll

What can PEOs do for remote teams?


Payroll in remote teams can be tricky. With people from multiple countries, you will need to handle and maintain a multi-currency payroll. PEO’s in different countries can help with this.


Local employment laws in different countries can be very complicated at times. A local PEO would be experts in local employment laws, and can provide the best possible advice on staying compliant while hiring remote employees.

Taxes and Benefits

Every country has it’s own set of local employment laws that governs the taxes to be paid, and benefits to provided for its employees. If you fail to comply to these laws this can result in massive fines for your organization. Letting a local partner handle all this for you, is your best option if you want to spend your time building your product.

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